I have previously served 5 years in The Royal Navy before starting stand up comedy in November 2010 winning Mr Bens Gong Show on my debut. Within my first 2 years I racked up 350 plus gigs performing all over the UK from Edinburgh to Exeter, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names on the circuit . Since then I have not stopped and I have gone on to perform in Amsterdam and I even somehow managed to progress into full paid work with big clubs such as Glee, Highlight, Jongleurs, Last Laugh & Buzz Comedy Clubs to name a few.

I am establishing myself as a promising MC and a constant pest on the circuit who just wont go away. I also run a few gigs under the name A Rush Of Laughter, as well as playing comedy god/dictator with my evil creation the Facebook Comedy Forum (Its actually not too shabby if I don’t mind saying so myself).

Anyway that’s enough from me, so check out my QUOTES page for some other people to tell you how amazingly average I actually am.